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I'm just an ordinary people, an ordinary house wife who loves crafts so much especially Japanese crafts.
I started to collect Japanese craft books and DIY doll house when I've graduated from my college. I became enjoyed to collect those craft books dan diy, until I felt stuck because I can find any complete craft book store and DIY in the small city where I lived =)
Then I start to find those books directly from Japan and imported DIY directly from main supplier.
In 2006, I decided to open it for public, so any craftlovers who have the same desire as I am can be fulfilled.. 

Craftloverz operated since 2006. I started to sell some handmade crafts too. So people can enjoy how fun these crafts are. ^^
Hopefully, who ever visit my site can enjoy every items and get more fun with all crafts..!!


......My collection books..

Our stock DIY...     

OFFLINE STORE : Mall Festival City Link Lt 1 - 42a

Jl. Peta. Bandung

God Bless u all...!!!




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